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Get the Most Out of Your Social Media

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We help small and medium sized cultural companies and museums to strategize & increase their social media engagement meaningfully without bleeding money

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Outreach is going to be essential in a post-COVID world for small and medium-sized cultural organizations, non-profits and museums. But going to a mainstream social media strategy company or hiring a social media manager is often expensive for small organizations. We can help you and your team plan a viable social media strategy which organically creates value for your audience/customers and drives engagement, without spending a lot of money.


Wondering what will be an engaging content for your customers, beneficiaries, visitors or audience on social media? No worries there. We can train and advise your social media team to curate bespoke content which will interest your social media audience, and increase following. 

Advertising on Social Media

Now this is the expensive part. You may have been told by social media advertising agencies that you need to spend a thousand or more dollars per month on your ads budget. As a small or medium-sized cultural organization you may not have that budget, so you feel helpless. Well, trust us, you DO NOT NEED that much money. With proper strategy and bootstrapping you can reach out to your target audience for much less. We do this day in and day out with Immersive Trails, and we can help you to do the same!

Your Data

You want to grow the number of people who engage with your social media feed? Well, one way is to put money and buy followers. But would you get quality followers, who convert into customers, visitors or donors? Rarely. The key is to pore over the data that your social media generates to identify the right potential followers and streamline your social media ad spending. We can train your Social Media team to do this, or can do this for you. 

Social Media

Being on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is not enough for your organization. What works for your personal profiles may not work for your business profiles to grow engagement. If you want to build a social media team within your cultural organization, We can provide them with valuable insights through training programs. We have learned social media outreach doing it ourselves and grew Immersive Trails' social media presence and engagement over the last 5 years. It is not rocket science, and your team can learn it too with an open mind and analytical understanding of human behaviour online and offline. 


Here to take your Social Media to another level

Immersive Trails is a Purpose Driven Company based out of Dover, Delaware, and Kolkata, India. It was Founded in 2017 by archaeologist Dr Tathagata Neogi and anthropologist Chelsea McGill to make history and culture more accessible for a general audience. One of Immersive Trail's primary mode of outreach has been through their very popular Facebook, Instagram and Twitter handles, which has garnered a loyal following over the last 5 years. 

What we have done in making Immersive Trails more visible and accessible online in driving meaningful cultural interactions, we can do the same for you. So if you are a small or medium sized cultural startup, non-profit or museum and need some help for meaningful social media outreach, reach out to me. I can make it work for you, together. 

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